Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I clean the product if I spill mortar on it?
A. The only safe way to clean the stone is to use mild liquid dishwashing soap and water and gently scrub with sponge or cloth. This should be done in less than 24 hours after install.

Q. Do I need to overlap the lath at Horizontal and Vertical joints?
A. Yes, at least 2 inches for horizontal and vertical and at least 8 inches within a foot of corners.

Q. Can I install Mt. Stone directly over Concrete Block?
A. Yes, if the block has not been painted, or had any kind of sealer applied to it. Still apply the scratch coat.

Q. Can I install Mt. Stone directly on poured concrete?
A. Yes, It is recommended that you etch the surface with a solution of muratic acid and water to clean any residue from form oil, concrete paste or any other contaminant that might reduce the bonding properties.

Q. Is it recommended to seal the Mountain Stone upon completion of project.
A. No, it is not recommended, however if you decide to seal the product, use a breathable sealer, and let the stone installation cure for 3-4 weeks before applying any type of coating.

Q. What type of mortar should I use for scratch coat, stone, joints?
A. You can use type "S" mortar for the scratch coat and the actual stone application. For the joints it is recommended to use Type N mortar.

Q. What is the best way to maintain Horizontal placement of stones?
A. After applying scratch coat and allowing to dry. Mark off wall with chalk box, placing a horizontal line every 16-24". Work towards these lines using them as reference points only. You do not need to place stones in such a way that they exactly come up to the line. Just oriented so that they're parallel with them.

Q. How long does the scratch coat need to dry before I can start laying stone?
A. At least 12 hours.

Q. What is the proper ratio to mix the mortar?
A. 1 ½ parts sand, to 1 part type "S" mortar.

Q. Can I hang the lath directly against drywall?
A. The best substrate is ½" plywood or OSB board with lath applied over it.

Q. Do I need a footer?
A. No!

Q. Can I start at the top of the wall and work down.
A. Yes, this usually results in less cleaning on the stones in the wall.

Q. Do I start installing lath from the top or bottom of the wall.
A. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

Q. Can Mountain Stone be cut or sawn?
A. Yes, use a carborundum blade or Diamond blade. (please be aware of silica dust that will be produced by cutting and protect yourself with a mask).

Q. Is it best to start installing corners first then work towards the center of wall with flats?
A. Yes.

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